Birth of Buddha in Nepal Lumbini

On the total moon day of might, within the year 623 B.C., a noble prince destined to be the best spiritual teacher of the globe was born within the Lumbini Park at Kapilavatthu, Nepal

His father was King Suddhodana of the aristocratic Sakya clan and his mother was Queen Maha Maya. The beloved queen died seven days when his birth. Her younger sister, Maha Pajapati Gotami, who was conjointly married to the King, adopted the kid whereas entrusting her own son, Nanda, to the care of the nurses.

Great were the rejoicings of the individuals over the birth of this illustrious prince. An ascetic of high non secular attainments, named Asita (also referred to as Kaladevala), was notably happy to listen to this happy news. Being a coach of the King, he visited the palace to examine the Royal baby. The King, who felt honoured by his surprising visit, carried the kid up to him so as to create the kid pay him due reverence. To the surprise of all, the child's legs turned and rested on the matted locks of the ascetic. Instantly, the ascetic rose from his seat and, foreseeing along with his supernormal vision the child's future greatness, saluted him with clasped hands. The Royal father did likewise.

The great ascetic smiled initially and then was unhappy. Questioned relating to his mingled feelings, he answered that he smiled as a result of the prince would eventually become a Buddha, an Enlightened One, and he was unhappy as a result of he wouldn't be ready to like the superior knowledge of the Enlightened One due to his previous death and rebirth in a very Formless Plane

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