A Journey From Nepal to Tibet on Moter Bike- this is my 1st journy for Tibet

It was a winter morning.i just woke up by a phone call. a friend of mine told me to go khassa.I was so very excited ,so i agreed to go.i didn't have much money but somehow managed some money. i then was prepared to set on for the journey. I was on my bike and 1 of my best friends was with me. We left Nepal at around 8 a.m. Then we filled our bike with gasoline then set up for our journey. I didn't think that it would be so cold, so i wasn't with much clothes.The journey was very very excited and also thrilling. i didn't have much money so was a little bit worried. but it all ended well.Then i reached TATOPANI and stayed there for a day. we bathed with the natural hot water. it felt so nice. but, it was also very cold. we left tatopani at morning and left for khassa. it took us 10 minutes to reach khassa from there. we had to wait for about a hour because the khassa gate wouldn't open before 8 am.then we got visa for a day. Oh yeah, we had to walk from right side on there road.it was our first experience.it was so freaking cold.i couldn't breathe nicely because of high altitude. but the scinerio was so beautiful that i forget all of our pain.I didnt have enough money and i ran out of money, but thanks god, my friend helped me. i was on khassa bazzar,but was more attraced towards the natural beauty.so we decided to go further.

our destination was only upto khassa but, i was so thrilled by the beautiful scinerio that i wanted to go further. so i asked my friend to go a little further. it was so excited. So we went on and on to watch the beautiful view. i must mention that the road and the view of Himalayas were superb. we climbed a high cliff. on the way to Nelamb,i suffered from altitude sickness but the beautiful scene made me forget all my pain. we crossed many himalayas and saw various people. i saw YAK for the first.i was thankful to my bike that it gave me a good milage of around 70km/hr. On the way we spent all our mnoney. my friend was planning to buy a good TV, but, since we ran out of money, he came back empty handed. on tibet we drank wine made of snake. it was so good. i had never drank wine like that before. on the way we were encountered with police man. he asked us many questions but we didnt understant him neither did he. but luckly there was a truck driver who could speak english. he told us that we could go only upto Nyalam.( we had the visa of china for only a day) so we were a little a bit afraid.then we went further and i must mention that we were alone on the way and i felt so cool.then we reached a beautiful village. there were nepali people so we became very excited.i was so surprised because nepali currency was accepted in Nyalam.there the mountains were filled with snows. it felt like heaven. we were so tired that we rented a hotel and was trying to sleep. then in the night we couldnt sleep due to cold and altitude sickness
as a whole i can say that it was the besty place in the whole world. i recommentd you to go there once in a lifetime. i assure you, you wont regret!!!

i want to go there once again and i will surely go!!!

The Pics of my Journey from Kathmandu to Khasa Bajar..


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