Nepal Tourism Year 2011

'Nepal Tourism Year 2011' is geared to become the largest issue to happen for the tourism business in Nepal once 'Visit Nepal 98', but not like the previous campaign the upcoming one encompasses a robust aim to attain. that's to usher in one Million tourists within the selected year. the govt. is upbeat in creating this campaign successful and has already launched press-meets, introduction nights in varied countries abroad. The ever-changing governments of Nepal appear to possess sensible ideas however they never manage to really implement their ideas and carry their duties out.

To make Nepal Tourism Year 2011 a hit, the govt. must begin from Nepal itself rather than advertising abroad. the govt. must upgrade the facilities provided in Nepal since maintenance doesn't look like its in their to-do list in the least. Tribuvan International Airport ought to be a decent taking off purpose, to handle one Million passengers it might be acceptable to upgrade the airport by changing the present system to a western approach by introducing computers. higher signage at the airport could be a should, additionally the present employees starting from the high officers to the cleaners ought to all be re-trained since theyre client service skills lack in each department. This not solely goes for the airport employees except for most employees in Nepal. there is hardly any 'Thank You' and 'Welcome'.

It is nearly sure that there'll in all probability be atleast 2-3 Prime Minister changes in Nepal throughout that point. no matter happens, the govt. should realise they have to act accordingly since a political fiasco or another Jana-Andolan are going to be a serious disadvantage to tourism and economy in Nepal. On the opposite hand the govt. should work effortlessly to minimise the result of tiny minority teams like Limbuwan, Tamuwan etc since they need quickly captured the ability, The minister of tourism, ought to create it a priority to extend and update the infrastructure in Nepal, this perhaps by redoing the previous bridges or repairing previous roads once more. Road access to far-flung areas are a requirement since these might open up new trekking routes.

Information Centre's ought to be came upon in varied hotspots around Kathmandu and Pokhara. they must work during a timely manner and supply reliable data to the tourists, but leaving this to the governments hand would in all probability never compute since most of the actions they undertake fail to finalize. non-public firms ought to take up these approach since theyll be ready to carry this out and additionally maintain it for the end of the day. Speaking of end of the day, Kathmandu must be a a lot of accessible destination. this will be done by linking the sole airport to a lot of European and Asian hubs.
These are some from a listing of the many things to be drained Nepal.

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